03: The Apartment

The Apartment Photo by When They Find Us 03.jpg

For this conceptual recreation of a Danish apartment, we collaborated with selected brands shaping the Scandinavian design landscape - Menu, Bang & Olufsen, Reform, Please Wait To Be Seated and Tekla.

The Apartment is designed to evoke the atmosphere often found in historic Danish architecture. To recreate a similar experience in a modern context, the installation features traditional spatial elements such as archways in a soft and translucent fabric. As part of our environmental mandate, we chose to forgo traditional trade show booth construction and opted for fabric to design a zero waste booth. All of the fabric, furniture and accessories are being reused in another project.

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Historic Danish architecture in public spaces like palaces and museums plays with light, volumes and shapes. Organic shapes like arches and globes, high ceilings and skylights evoke a certain atmosphere that is distinctively Danish. We tried to recreate this with arched entryways, high ceilings and light coming through the fabric walls.

19th century onward, special importance was attached to high standards of craftsmanship and proper use of materials in architectural practice in Denmark. These are the guiding principles behind our choices - brands using natural materials such as wood, marble and metal in honest and interesting ways in the 21st century. These materials, combined with swaying translucent fabric and diffused light indeed create a sober, comfortable atmosphere.

The Apartment Photo by When They Find Us.jpg

Photos by Jon McMorran and When They Find Us